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My book is for men, who have gotten stuck moving forward in their life, whether it's because of a relationship breaking up or other factors. There are 8 actionable steps to get unstuck and get on with your valuable life.

Get the F Out of My Life by Kregg Nance

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First of all, I am quite proud to have been with my wife for over 20 years. Theories and books are one thing, but living in the real world involves sticking with the one you love for a long time and learning the best ways to work it out.

I started out as an elementary school teacher, which as many of you probably know, gives a person lots of on the job mediation skills. I have done other work including casting TV commercials and a print/web design business.  I lived in Los Angeles for 27 years, Nashville for 10 years and many areas of the South as a child and finally now happily in Sarasota. I began to notice that conflict was evident in all jobs and places, so several years ago I decided to return to school and get a master's degree in conflict management from Lipscomb University. Through working with the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center and Sumner Mediation Services Victim Offender Reconciliation Programs, I mediated many couples who had gotten so far off track that they either get physical with each other or end up yelling to the point that the police are called. Judges would often send these couples to mediation to work out a plan that will keep them out of the courts. The mediation was the first time in years most of these couples had a chance to hear each other and work together to come up with a way to get their relationship back on track....Read More...

Second Instinct for Success

Looking past your first instinct on how to respond to conflict and why you will be better off

by Kregg Nance, MA
Author of “Get the F Out of My Life: A Men’s Breakup Survive and Thrive Guide”

A few years ago, I was going for my favorite morning ritual of a coffee and at the time, the best place nearby was a local Starbucks. I would often see friends and, of course, get the nice morning buzz going. One reason Starbucks has been successful is the vision created by Howard Schultz that a coffee shop could be a friendly gathering place. He had traveled to Italy in the early 80’s and become fascinated with the romantic nature of the coffee experience there. He wanted to create this welcoming “third place” between work and home. They thought of it as “a place for conversation and a sense of community”. I always enjoyed this idea. And what made it so welcoming was the well-trained baristas, who always try to remember your name and what you order. They are friendly and look directly at you, unlike many establishments where the people behind the counter are more interested in their co-workers than the customer.

However, on this day there was a barista I hadn’t seen much who had a sour attitude. No big deal for one day. We all have bad days. But his mood was like this every day, and when he happened to be the one taking my order, he had this same crappy attitude and I got more bothered by it. It was unlike the other employees and it was messing with my friendly welcoming feeling about the place. Then one day, I was taking a few extra seconds to decide what I wanted, and he looked at me with his arms outstretched in that “what’s taking you so damn long” expression. Now I was feeling angry.

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