Having a hard time moving on after divorce / separation?

Do you feel down with bouts of frustration and anger? You are not alone. It is harder than ever for us men, given all the cultural changes and bias against men when it comes to separation issues. Also, we need to recover differently than women and the process needs to be unblocked from our usual way of handling things.

Goal coaching and post-divorce support is facilitated brainstorming to help clarify blind spots and ways to move successfully forward. Hello, I'm Kregg Nance and I am offering facilitated focus, empathy without pity, and encouragement specifically for men.

I wrote the book "Get The F Out Of My Life: A Men's Breakup Survive and Thrive Guide" specifically for men going through this rough time. BookAuthority named it one of the best Breakup/Divorce books of all time. We all get stuck and sometimes it helps to have a trusted confidant to talk things through with in order to set up a plan of action. As a former professional mediator with a masters in conflict management, I will implement a supportive and nudging style to assist in your moving from where you've been to where you are going, especially if you are having a hard time after separating from someone.

Goal coaching is different from counseling. Coaching is a process to enable you to take action going forward and counseling is a process to help you cope with various issues from the past as well as ultimately going forward. Coaching is future oriented and counseling is often past oriented before moving forward. We certainly will talk things through about what brought you here, but we will focus more on where to go from here.GC LOGO with text for men transparent 556x229

Coaching works from the perspective of "from now on". Counseling is a therapeutic process by which you sit with a trained and certified psychologist or counselor and talk about your feelings as it relates to what is not working with yourself or your partner. The counselor will help you to deal with those feelings and work through the problems. Counseling tends to go deeper into each person to see what might be underneath the surface that is causing the problems to persist. It will often deal with your past and how it is affecting your life currently. It is a great process and very helpful if that is what you need. If you prefer counseling you can search through the listings at Psychology Today to find a counselor that is right for you: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists

If you prefer a future and action oriented process, then Goal Coaching may be right for you. We will work on strategic solutions to specific problems. It will be focused, facilitated sessions geared toward coming up with here-and-now answers to ongoing friction points or blind spots. The focus is on agreed upon solutions. We will work together and come up with solutions to problems that will successfully move your life forward. Please contact me for a free consultation to see if Goal Coaching is right for you. Let's get started on a focused action plan to feeling better.

$275 per month for two months ($550 total), which includes:

  • 8 Weekly One Hour Zoom Sessions
  • Email Access Between Sessions
  • Weekly Targeted Worksheets
  • Free Copy of my Book "Get The F Out Of My Life: A Men's Breakup Survive and Thrive Guide"

$75 per hour

Usually for a limited time based on goals Likely to be ongoing depending on the needs and desires of the person.
 Predominantly future oriented Will delve into past as well as future
 Feelings and emotions are acknowledged and supported, but we will not get caught up in them Feelings and emotions may be examined in depth to see what is underneath and driving current conflicts
 No diagnosis of mental health conditions is done A diagnosis is sometimes sought and given for insurance purposes and for therapeutic understanding
The practitioner is a neutral Professional Family Mediator with a background in negotiation and conflict The practitioner is usually a Psychologist or Counselor, who may take an advisory role
The goal and outcome is a clear actionable written plan for moving forward The outcome is a greater understanding of the person involved in order to improve relationships

 Please contact me for a free consultation to see if Goal Coaching is right for you.